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AirBrush_20171011194134I am 22 year old Ezinne Okeke, Currently majoring in Industrial Mathematics, one time AIESECer (i can explain privately), Christian who loves God, Arts and Fashion enthusiast, your next celebrity pilot. Yeah, you heard the lady. PILOT!

I love travelling as much as i love being alone. I’m 90% introvert. Solving maths, sports, reading educating articles, programming  trying to program, spending time with the people i love, Good Food (sea foods esp), surprises, anything chocolate, vacations, family, live band,circular concerts and even more are my best things ever. I am more androgynous fashioned. Dreads and short hairstyles, nude makeups, metallic themed nails and accessories are my favorite fashion hacks.IMG_20171007_153259_147

My love for travelling gradually fuels my career pursuit in piloting. I believe in women as pace setters for the world of technology. Heck, I’ll even love to see more female pilots and programmers. I am an ardent supporter of women-helping-women and i will support my kind anytime anyday.IMG_20171015_144238

In a bid to expand my horizon, I’m always open to new knowledge. I’ll really love to know more about you and all your fantasies, please tell me about you and what you do. Any links or web page you’ll love me to visit? Probably an article you’ll love to get my view on, comment and Let’s be friends already!


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