Allmyview Benin travel meet-up

As a travel community, one of our major goals is to reach out and connect with our members both offline and online.

We’ve successfully implemented this through the Allnyview travel meet-ups. Holding in different states across the country and beyond. Currently announcing the allmyview Benin travel meet-up.

Allmyview Lagos travel meet-up 1.0

The first meet-up was the allmyview Lagos travel meet-up 1.0. Which held at the Lekki conservation center on January, 2019. You can read all about the first meet-up here.

The second one also held at the Lekki conservation center on February, 2019. It was a request made by all the members who missed out on the first meet-up.

Allmyview Lagos travel meet-up 2.0

The Allmyview Benin travel meet-up:

The Allmyview Benin travel meet-up is a conclusion if the allmyview uncovering Benin series. The uncovering Benin series is a travel documentary focused on the ancient city of Benin. This documentary exposes Benin Arts, culture, beliefs, traditions and history. The series started on the first week of April 2019. We visited the bronze casters guild in Igun street, Benin city. Details can be found here.


The Benin travel meet-up promises to be fun and very exciting. From our research and observations while in Benin city, we’ve discovered that the average young person in Benin barely explores their environment, let alone travel. We’ve also discovered that good food is a uniting force in Benin city. That’s why the theme of this meet-up is “Igniting travel in Benin”. Yes, a bit derived but we’ll be liting up the travel torch, uniting travel lovers through food and discussing the future of travel in Benin city.

Major highlights includes

  • Games
  • Food and drinks.
  • Travel talks.
  • Food and the art of healthy travel Eating.
  • Karaoke.
  • A lot of connection and engagement.


Date : 1st June, 2019.

Venue: DQ grills, airport road, Benin city.

Time: 3pm.

Fee: 2500 Naira only.

Available Offers and opportunities:


Save for this event and get 20 percent off your ticket price.

Tour guide needed.

Travel photographer needed.

Register for opportunities here.

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