WHAT TO PACK WHEN GOING TO THE BEACH/ your beach funday guide. 

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If you missed my last post on “5 things you must know when visiting the beach” then not to worry, “in cookie Lyons voice” I gat you. Just click *HERE*

The thought of Going to the Beach is fun! But it could go wrong all at once if you have no idea 💡 on what to pack. This article would be your “packing for beach” guide. Leggo…
Different people visit the beach for different reasons, (For “things to do at the beach”, go HERE), and the different reasons needs different packages. Here are some things to pack when going to the Beach…


I know right? But because you are going to where there’s water doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take yours along with you especially when the water is salty and unclean. Surprisingly, you get easily dehydrated at the beach. The salt water on your skin, the sun, the whole fun and running around leaves you really thirsty. That’s where your pre-packed bottle(s) of water comes in handy.

**Food/ snacks**

Basic! Food for picnics, gatherings, etc. Snacks too. Depending on your duration. Even if you don’t get hungry, its just fun to eat while at the beach. Light refreshments, something to chew while looking around, etc. You can bring yours when coming or buy from vendors at the beach (your choice) as there are lots of them. I usually go with my snacks or food but I always finish them (as the queen of foodies that I am)  and buy more from the food vendors especially suya 😀😀.


Something to wash down the food.  Could be soft drinks, fruit juices, even alcohol too!  Its technically your choice. I mostly go with a cold bottle of booze, preferably red/ white wine. It is always perfect for the environment.


You cant forget this! At all! On a very sunny day, your sunglasses always come through for you. Plus it gives you that cool look 😎.

**Beach hat**

This also help shade you from the sun. It is a must-go-with to the Beach, no matter your reason for visiting. There are several beach hats, different make, colours, sizes, shapes, types. Just get anyone that looks fabulous on you. You could get beach hats at the beach too.


This is also fine to go along with, that is if you really want to get all deep in the water. On my first visit to the leisure lake, I was really upset that I didn’t go with my swimming trunk. It was the perfect opportunity to showoff. I mean, this summer body of mine should have been on total display that day.. Lol 😂..  But I won’t forget it next time.

**A pair of slippers**

If you wear shoes or sandals, you obviously cant take this into the water. A pair of water friendly slippers would come in handy preferably flip-flops as they are easy to wear and move about in. I always have these on me while at the beach.  You could also buy these at the beach incase you forgot yours.


After the water plays, youll definitely need this to clean up. The salty feel of the water on your skin can really be uncomfortable and annoying at times. Plus this would also help with beach sand residue on your skin.

**Body cream / lotion**

To apply on your skin after cleaning up. We have to maintain our glow in and out of the water. Your nice body lotion would go a long way. I sometimes use petroleum jelly (Vaseline). Its comfortable at that point for me and helps cool down the after salt water itches.


This is necessary to protect ourselves from the scalding rays of the sun. It’s a basic beach necessity and if you have, don’t hesitate to take it along with you. You’re going to need it.

**Spare dress**

This helps when you get soaked from water plays. It is advised to carry at least one spare set of clothing to change up just incase. What I usually do is I’ll wear my normal dress to the Beach, change up in the car to something more comfortable and “beach-y”, then change back to my dress when I’m done cleaning up. It could be stressful tho. Just do what works for you.


We are here for the memories! This would aid in capturing those awesome moments, the nice times, the slay looks, etc. Your phone camera is camera enough but if you have a digital camera, feel free to make as much memories as you can!  Go on!!

Yes! Money! A little extra cash. To buy anything you want, access beach facilities that requires payment, etc. You might see what you love to buy at the beach. There are usually lots of nice stuffs to get (apart from edibles)  ranging from beach hats to sunglasses, bracelets, antiques, native bead works, artifacts, etc. A whole lot of things even dresses too. Just have cash on you, your choices are endless.

What do you take to the Beach? Lets meet-up in the comments section…