Allmyview Travel community Values and guidelines

Allmyview is the first and largest community of young travelers in Nigeria.

Why these values and guidelines? 

We believe that all members should benefit from being a part of the Allmyview travel community. These values are to make it clear what we stand for and strive for as a community. It clearly states what we should expect from each other and how best to use the services and products that Allmyview provides.

Be informed that Allmyview Travel community is constantly growing and evolving, therefore these guidelines will be modified from time to time based on collaboration and feedback within our community.

We love and appreciate your feedback – send your questions, ideas and suggestions to or join in our community on facebook . Thanks!

What’s covered in these guidelines

Preface – What is a community?
1. Allmyview Membership
2. Values, Mission and objectives
3. Rules and guidelines
4. Chapter Leaders General Rules
5. Chapter Leaders Ethical Standards
6. Chapter Events
7. Member Events
8. Brand Guidelines
9. Editorial Guidelines
10. Allmyview Lounge
11. Allmyview careers
12. Feedback, suggestions

What is a Community?

A community, for us, is a group of people sharing the same common understanding, goals and objectives coming together to interact for an outlined purpose.

Our part at Allmyview is to:

  • Build meaningful lasting relationships within the community.
  • Create sustainable value for active community members.
  • Be a strong link between our community and our partner brands.

Our promise to our community is to:

  • Always Learn from our experiences
  • Be transparent to all feedback and address issues accordingly
  • Continually improve to provide value for all members and partner brands.

1. Allmyview Membership

Allmyview membership is open to any individual anywhere in the world who is involved in the travel and tourism industry in any way at all.

The following rules apply to Allmyview membership:

  • After application and payment, your membership will be reviewed by a chapter leader or by Allmyview to ensure you meet the membership requirements.
  • You may be requested to provide additional information if you do not provide enough information to verify the membership requirements.
  • Accounts are for individual use only and can not be shared by multiple individuals.
  • Almyview holds the right to restrict or deny membership at its discretion if a member harmful to the community.
  • Chapter Leaders reserve their right to restrict or deny membership to a member, after consulting the necessary heads.
  • Event organizers reserve their right to restrict or deny attendance to an Allmyview event, at their discretion.
  • Membership to Allmyview applies to all our chapters. Your membership permits you to attend and participate in other chapter’s events and activities.
  • All travel enthusiasts and lovers are welcome to join the community!
  • Allmyview Travel community supports the United Nations Sustainable development goals.