Detty December on a budget

The growing slang, “Detty December”, is used by social media savvy individuals during the month of December. It depicts a month of having absolute fun. even though some people think it is a scam to confuse, drain your pockets, and exhaust you physically but we can’t help but jump on this trend which majorly supports self-love and self-care.

detty december

“Detty December” originated from Nigerian social media users. It started from a hashtag in 2018 that metamorphosed into something widely used, even beyond the shores of Africa. The phrase, Detty December, is used to depict all the fun happenings in the city of Lagos and generally in the country. Since December is a month where companies, brands and other organisations celebrate progress and lessons from the whole year, there’s usually a wide range of activities going on in all corners of the country.

This phrase gained major popularity from the growth of Afrobeats in the diaspora – thanks to the likes of Burna boy, Wizkid, Davido, Tiwa savage, fireboy DML, etc. This growth provided Africans abroad the perfect opportunity to connect with their roots. This has helped boost the tourism industry. To top it all off, the Christmas festivities also enhanced the gravity of this phrase, Detty December.

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As travellers, a lot of us would be visiting new bubbly places around areas we find ourselves and this can be draining – pocket wise and energy wise. However, you can celebrate as much as you want this period without breaking your pocket. Yes, it’s possible! Here’s how you do Detty December on a budget!

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How to do Detty December on a budget:

Have a “Detty December” budget:

The first step is to have a budget. Budgets varies with different people and their income amount. The easiest way to workout your budget is to know the average amount you can spend at a place. To be on the safe side, have a spending range including intial cost of the event. For example, if you go to a musical concert with tickets costing about ₦1,000, factor in drinks, transportation to and fro and a little extra for miscellaneous. Depending on your location and taste, the suggested amount for this kind of situation would be from ₦3,000 and above. You get the idea?

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Make “Detty December” plan(s):

Detty December is no joke and other people would be out to participate in the celebrations around town. Make a concise plan and try and try as much as possible to stick to it. Your plan should be very flexible, not rigid. It should factor in miscellaneous and excesses and should include how to get to the venue(s), activities to indulge in (subject to your preference), what to consume (also subject to your preference), what to do or not, etc. If you have a hard time making plans, the easiest way is to go with someone who can make you accountable or have someone you would account to. Someone you feel safe with.

Sometimes, plans don’t go as planned (get what we did there?). In these situations, be flexible but accountable.

Be selective:

I know we see all the trends and noise on social media about different events and might feel like attending all of them, but we honestly can’t. Especially in cities like Lagos. In less congested places like Abuja and Port-harcourt, the case might be distance or clashing times. Be selective about which event you want to attend and make concise plans towards it. If, by chance, you decide last minute to attend an event, make a very short plan for that event. This would save you cost, stress and sanity.

Go for events that have lots of sponsorship as this reduces the cost of tickets, as opposed to privately hosted events. Look for events that people with same interest as you would be in attendance. This is a good way of getting a run for your money. Educative events should be on your radar too. Events with mentors and celebrities you look up to would be a great investment of your time, money and energy.

No pressure:

The rise in social media showoff puts a lot of people on edge this period. Detty December is a period of doing away with any form of pressures and just being on a very chilled level (like young-lings would say). The pressure of going to places you cannot afford and doing things you can’t afford would be much, especially on social media. Don’t give in to this pressures. However, if it becomes too strong, make a plan to proceed accordingly with a well laid out budget. Do not be pressured into doing what you cannot afford to do because after Detty December comes long-ass January and we need all the money we can get to get through January.

Have “Detty December” fun:

Ultimately, the point of Detty December is to have major fun! Safe fun! Carefully curated fun. Do something you’ve never done before that would impact your life positively, give out to the less privileged, care for others but put your self care as priority. Go through with plans you’ve made. Have a jolly good time.

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