So, you have decided that 2020 is the year you start travelling, but you don’t know how to start? You’ve seen pictures on Instagram of your favourite travel influencers and you wish to be like them but you think to yourself” I want to do this but how?”. Maybe you feel you can’t afford it, nobody to go with, too busy or no time, etc. The following steps highlight sure, efficient and easy ways on how to start travelling that actually works.

Make up your mind:

how to start traveling

The first step to doing anything is to make up your mind to do it. The mind is our greatest asset. They say travelling opens up your mind further to greater possibilities but the first, you have to want your mind to be open.
The major way of making up your mind is to make up your mind. That’s the only way.
Steps of making up your mind includes;

  •  Read up blogs and websites of travellers.
  • Watch and subscribe to YouTube videos
  •  Follow inspiring travellers on Instagram. Keyword – Inspiring.
  •  Join travel communities – like Allmyview (Sign up here)
  •  Attend travel events around you. (Join our next meetup here).

Set a travel goal:

travel goal

The next way to start travelling is to set a travel goal. Travel goals are so different from other types of goals that they require a different way of setting and achieving them. If you really want to travel, but don’t set travel goals, chances are you’ll end up on your ass, at home. The ways to set a travel goal includes;

  1. Create a travel goals wish/bucket list.
  2.  Create a vision board for all the places on your wish/bucket list.
  3.  Create a separate bank account/savings account and dedicate a percent of your income over a period of time to it. Say, 10% over 3 months.
  4.  Review your travel goals wish list during the yearly/quarterly/monthly goal setting process.
  5.  Create projects that can help you achieve these goals.

Save up for your travels:

how to start traveling

As soon as you’ve prioritised travelling, in your mind, it is easier to save for it. Creating a separate savings account helps. You can also use an online platform to save. Savings automation helps with consistency. We recommend Cowrywise savings platform as that’s the official savings plan, we use as a community for our trips. To make this even more interesting, you can join us in saving for the following destinations;

  •  Cape Verde
  •  Senegal
  •  West African Trip,

Grab travel opportunities:

how to start travelling

Looking out for smart travel deals helps cut costs and helps you travel easier. The most financially relieving way of travelling is snatching up travel deals and opportunities as they present themselves. Travel opportunities includes;

Join a travel community:

The gathering of like-minds can fuel even the biggest, impossible project. Allmyview is a travel community committed to inspiring and empowering young people to travel. Joining Allmyview has its perks and some include;

  • Free travel tips and hacks.
  •  A saving to travel platform with other travellers like you.
  •  Discounted trips
  •  Travel consultation
  •  Meetups and networking opportunities
  •  Travel job opportunities.
  •  Travel trends to follow, news updates, etc

To become a member and reap all these benefits with just $8 (3,000 Naira), signup here.

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I really don’t like traveling but had to travel a lot in the past few months. Traveling gives me anxiety especially when it is by public transport (don’t get me started on the bad roads).

However, I must agree with this post especially points 1 and 2 because they really helped me.
Once I made up my mind about traveling and set goals, the anxiety I feel whenever I am about it travel reduced.
I also found that making a checklist of everything I needed to pack and ticking them made packing more fulfilling.

I may never be a travel lover, but if I ever catch the travel bug, I’ll stick to allmyview like wet paint.


We totally understand. To make things easier for you, only travel via the most comfortable means you can use. this would reduce the anxiety drastically. You already got the major steps, we are here for you and may the force be with you!


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