The Lekki conservation Centre (LCC) is Located after the chevron roundabout, just before you get to the second toll gate, Lekki-Epe express way,lekki, Lagos. The 78 hectare nature hub is 27 years old, run and managed by the Nigerian conservation foundation (NCF).

I visited LCC sometime in June when I had a brief break from school work and needed someplace to relax.Rotunda

On arrival, the first sight that greets you are some peacocks and monkeys freely roaming about.


We were asked to pay a little token of #1000 at the reception in which A paper handband would be worn on your wrist as an evidence of payment.
And Let the tour begin!

I was too excited that the first place I wanted to see and experience was the 401m canopy walk way,the longest in Africa, launched in 2015. An extra fee of #1000 for maintenance was charged before we were allowed to access the walkway. Only visitors within the age range of 14-65 are allowed on the walkway. There were other people who arrived before us, so we had to wait in line. The walkway is designed to hold about 6 adults at a time at each path. There are about 5 paths before getting to the maximum height. It gets higher with each path. Some people were so scared that after the first path, they turned back and didn’t want to go on. I guess they were really scared of heights and I was laughing at them mostly. When it got to our turn, 6 of us, 2 Nigerians and 4 Asians, mounted on the first stage of the walk way. I was scared at first because although I’ve been on a canopy walkway before at the OBUDU CATTLE RANCH RESORT in Cross River State, it was nothing like this. I felt that if I didn’t look down, I’ll feel better,lol. There was no difference at all. Looking down or not, I was still scared.

The walkway was firm, didn’t swing much but I was still visibly shaking. When we got to the pivot point of the first path, I was so relieved and so excited to experience the remaining ones that turning back wasn’t an option, I made up my mind that I’m going ALL THE WAY UP!, lol.IMG-20170618-WA0017

At the second stage, I wasn’t so scared anymore. I felt so relaxed, even more relaxed than I thought I would be. The Asians were really energetic as they were smoking to conceal their fear. The walkway gets higher with every stage passed and I felt more fearless with each passing height. I was even comfortably looking down and around. We got to the second pivot point. Then the third, and the fourth and finally the top! Felt like screaming “MAMA I MADE IT!”lol… all this time, I was scared of taking pictures so my phone doesn’t fall down as we were warned that this was a common happening there. I mean, who wants to loose his or her phone? But as I got to the top, I had to take pictures!


The excitement!

The view was just awesome! I saw the remaining part of the island that’s near the Atlantic ocean, rooftops, a whole large stretch of rainforest area… I’m sure I could even see the ocean! It was just perfect. It was at this point I discovered that I wasn’t scared of heights at all, instead, I always want to be up there. I’ve always loved to be a pilot, maybe I should really work towards it or what do you think?

I took pictures, danced, laughed uncontrollably that tears rolled down my eyes. In that moment, my world stood still. I was so happy that I started having a slide view in my mind of people I would have loved to share that moment with. I took a bunch of pictures too.
The walk down wasn’t much trouble at all as I danced my way down. Everyone was just smiling at me because of my level of excitement. I bet it was radiating all over me so much that i felt like a child all over again. I could see the monkeys swinging all around from tree to tree.


Do the dance girl!

There were several other places we saw while going round the 2km board walkway.IMG-20170618-WA0021
THE TREE HOUSE; though we weren’t allowed in there because it was raining to avoid any form of accidents. Tree house
THE SWAMP LOOK OUT STATION : where the crocodiles are found. It is a wooden house with Windows as the look-out points into the swap obviously for safety reasons. Swamp lookout
The Family Park; a world-class picnic haven that offers nature walks, picnic & sporting facilities.

The Floor Games (Ludo, Draught, Chess ,etc) is just wonderful Like how did they even do that!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Rotunda,96-Seater Gazebos,Family Huts Koi & Tilapia ponds, Beach Volley-ball courts (for someone like me who is a Volleyball lover) & Spectators’ pavilion,Barbecue joints,Jungle gym facilities (Zip Lines, monkey bars, etc) and other marvellous places to see.
What’s a tour without food? There’s a restaurant there too for when hungry.
I felt reluctant to leave because it was just too great, but I had to be home early. I would always love to go back to LCC. I’m already planning to and If you find yourself in Lagos, then be sure to visit the LEKKI CONSERVATION CENTRE as you won’t forget the experience in a hurry.
This is from my point of view. It’s_just_my_view!




his majesty

I’m always excited to see your post
Amazing work


I think you should work towards being a pilot.


I’m still considering it. Thank you.


Its a nice place… At least from this little tour you have provided.

I shall go there personally and see for my self.

Thanks for the tour


Welcome dear… Trust me, you’d love it.


Keep it up

Patrick Offor

This is an interesting piece, won’t be a bad idea to go see these lovely places live.


She’s got the writing skills hey?!!!. Interesting sturvs


Awesome! Lovely pics, Plus you look great when you smile… great post, lightens my mind to know we have such amazing.places back home.God bless🌹


Lol… I’ll keep smiling more often then dearie. Thank you.


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