Welcome to a RAD community of travelers, photographers and travel enthusiasts entirely passionate about changing the way we see the world, achieving a global mindset, experiencing different cultures and traditions in a diverse way. We are curious about traveling which we see as a uniting force that would help achieve world peace, protect our environment through sustainable methods and preserve our culture.

Allmyview members believes in experiencing, not just seeing, the world.

To achieve this, we are building connections and engagement through our membership community platform of like-minded individuals. You can become a significant part of this global movement and experience the world we live in!

Membership Benefits

There are many upsides of becoming a member. Aside supporting a good cause, the membership fees would be used to develop this community, strike long lasting and beneficial partnership deals with important brands for all members, manage this platform and run the community. Membership benefits to be enjoyed includes..

  • Steeply discounted prices on our events and exhibition (up to 50%)
  • Discounted prices on tour packages and items in the shop. (up tp0 20%)
  • First access to exclusive announcements, travel opportunities, events, exhibitions, meet-ups and any update happening in the Allmyview community.
  • Networking, connection and engagement opportunity through our exclusive events, meet-ups and exhibitions.
  • Discounts to leading events in the travel industry
  • Exclusive access to a community of change makers within the travel industry, from tour operators to content creators, travel entrepreneurs, corporate representatives to expand your network.
  • Travel job opportunities
  • Adventurous monthly and annual meet-up

Membership Levels

Regular (#2,000)

  • Registration Fee
  • 5% Discount on tour packages
  • 10% Discount on shop merchandise
  • Free one time travel consultation for one year
  • A regular membership Identity card
  • Travel Job opportunities

VIP (#5,000)

  • Registration Fee
  • 7.5% Discount on tour packages
  • Free travel consultation. 5 times a year.
  • A VIP membership card
  • A 2D membership sticker
  • 10% Discount off shop merchandise
  • A 2D membership sticker
  • A product feature in community's email list and website

MVP (#10,000)

  • Registration Fee
  • 10% Discount on tour packages
  • 15% Discount off shop merchandise
  • Free travel consultation, 10 times a year
  • An MVP membership Identity card
  • A 3D membership sticker
  • A Free branded T-shirt from the shop merchandise
  • A complimentary magazine
  • A product / service feature in community's email list and printables