Money heist filming locations you should visit

Money heist, in Spanish: “La casa del papel” translated to “The house of paper” is a Spanish television series which first premiered on 2nd May, 2017. The series portrays heist on the Royal mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain by a group of code-named robbers. The movie is full of emotional sentiments, thrilling twists and unforeseen turns as the robbers battle with hostages on the inside and the police on the outside. These are all the money heist filming locations that you should visit, as the movie is ranking highly on Netflix’s US top 10 most watched film.

Madrid, Spain:

Greater Madrid region: 

Parts one and two were filmed back to back in greater Madrid region from January to august, 2017. 

Royal mint of Spain (Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre):

Money heist filming locations you should visit

The main storyline set is in the Royal mint of Spain in Madrid, although the exterior is at the Spanish National Research Council for its striking resemblance to the the mint.

The mint has a permanent museum exhibition on the third floor of its building. The museum is called the Museo Casa de la Moneda, established in 1867. The museum is considered one of the most important museums in the world. 

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Aeronautical engineering school, Madrid:

Money heist filming locations you should visit

In episode 3, the stars go up the rooftop of the bank building. However, the Bank doesn’t have a rooftop, therefore making that physically impossible. The rooftop scene was shot at the rooftop of the Aeronautical Engineering School, number 3, Calle de Cardenal Cisneros in Madrid. 

Finca El Gasco, Torrelodones:

Finca El Gasco, Torrelodones

The estate the robbers where the robbers filmed the coup planning was at the Finca El Gasco farm estate in Torrelodones (Lodones tower), located in northwest of Madrid, Spain. It is also referred to as the hunting tower.

This is where the professor planned the heist, where they lodged and where the practiced. 

Visiting this location would be thrilling as you would feel like a part of the movie and the group. Like tapping into the wisdom of the professor.

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Callao square (plaza del Callao): 

Callao square (plaza del Callao)

This is located at the center of the Spanish capital of Madrid. The Callao square is where the scene where money is dropped from the sky in season 3 was filmed at. It is like the Times Square of Spain. 

The square was formerly opened in June, 1866 in remembrance of the May 1866 battle of Callao between the Spanish naval forces and the Peruvian army. 

The square was reformed to remove almost all elements present excluding the metro station access, and a big tree, thereby turning the square to a humongous pedestrian space with some touch of urban furniture and big screens in surrounding buildings. 

I bet it would be thrilling to visit this place, as a fan of Money heist.

Ermita de San Frutos:

Ermita de San Frutos

This is the exterior of the Italian monastery where the robbers planned the heist. It is located in Carrascal del Rio. 

This location was featured in season three, when the Rio rescue mission was planned. 

The historical structure, aesthetics and design makes this an intriguing location to visit as well as the best panoramic view of the Duraton river.

Money heist filming locations you should visit outside Madrid, Spain:


Las Salinas beach, Almeria:

Las Salinas beach, Almeria

Las Salinas beach in Almeria served as the motor home scenes of the professor and Lisbon. This was to make the audience feel that the characters were safe from the police. 

These deserted beaches give a cool, relaxed and chilled holiday beach vibe. A summer stay would be an amazing experience because of the natural beauty this location exudes. 

Pinewood studios, United Kingdom:

Pinewood studios
Mandatory Credit: Stephen Chung/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

The underwater scenes inside the vault was filmed at the pine wood studios in the United Kingdom. 

Pinewood studios is a British film and television studio located on the outskirts of Slough, a border town to London. The studio has been used severally for many productions over the years. It is known well as the home of the James Bond and Carry on film franchises.

Imagine visiting where all that gold was being melted, seeing the vault and relieving the thrilling money heist experience. Bliss!

Guna Yala islands:

Guna Yala islands

This island was formerly known as San Blas. It is an indigenous province in Northeast Panama. It is home to the indigenous people called the Gunas and is bounded on the north by the Caribbean Sea. 

This was where Rio (Miguel Herman) and Tokyo (Ursula Corbero) were having a good time on the beach at the beginning of part 3, right before Tokyo left and Rio was captured. Remember? 

I bet you loved the location when it came up on your TV screen that you couldn’t stop imagining you there. In the cool turquoise waters, basking in nature, swinging from a mallet and skinny dipping in the ocean with a coconut or piñata when it’s sunset. 

Palawan, Philippines:

The Palawan island is known for its scenic, white-sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Not surprising that the professor went to settle here after the robbery, where he was joined later by his girlfriend, inspector Murillo. 

Palawan is a dream destination for travelers. You may want to visit this incredible island to have a taste of Palawan. 

Piazza del Duomo (cathedral square):

cathedral square

Located in Florence, Italy, this is one of the most visited places in Europe. This destination is ultimate for art and architecture lovers. It was featured in part 3, episode one, where the professor meets Berlin. Remember? 

This has been put together for all the travel addicts who are fans of money heist to inspire your next trip. 

Would you add this to your bucket list? This guide will help you get started while we plan your trip here. 




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Definitely amazing to be an actor on set. Imagine working and touring on the Job! The islands looked surreal in the movie, imagine the experience in real life.


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