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As a major fan of roadtrips, I’ve had more than enough experiences and I’m going to share with you, on this road trip series, the very important things to know when road tripping.

Anticipate! my article on how to save money when road tripping coming up shortly.

Pack as light as you can

I know we all want to have a very comfortable road trip as it can be stressful at times. The first main rule is to pack lightly.
If you pack the necessary things lightly, there are several issues you have automatically avoided.

Important things go in the bag first

There are several important things you must go with, things you can’t leave behind.
When these things are left behind, it could be costly to try retrieving and might also be traumatic and late.  It could cost opportunities, money, time and many more. Be sure to Identify the important things you need for your trip and pack them on-time preferably a day or 2 before traveling.

**Transport company**

To be comfortable during Road travel, look for transport companies with comfortable vehicles. This could relive the stress of roadtrips by about 60%. There are several transport companies that operate with comfort,style and are budget friendly. Personally, I have a constant transport company that I’m very satisfied with although most of my friends think it’s ridiculous to stick with them no matter the price. Find that which works for you and do away with that stress. It doesn’t look good on you.

**Be punctual**

Major HACK!  This is very important when embarking on road trips or any form of traveling at all . Getting to the bus terminal on time can save a lot of stress, give you ample time to think and crosscheck your whole trip. It could even give you the opportunity to leave on-time (in some cases) if a space opens up in the bus leaving before your assigned bus. Just going late to the terminal can disorganise your whole trip. I’ve had a terrible experience once because I arrived at the terminal late. Not only did the bus leave without me, I ended up paying extra money for missing my assigned vehicle not to mention the stressful procedure of procuring a nice seating position.

Nice seating position 

For some of us (with long nice legs 😉), our sitting position could also be an issue (or not)  when road tripping. I have this particular problem every time I travel be it by road or air. Wrong seat position could affect you adversely. Be sure of your trip duration and pick out that seat position that is comfortable for you. For long trips, please take the position that gives you leg Space (seat 1 in front with the driver or the seat by the door)  and thank me later. I always recommend that Sitting by the ends could also be helpful as you have the view of the world to yourself.


This does not apply to only people who sit Infront, Everyone should use their seatbelt. This could come off helpful when the road is bumpy or  when navigating through potholes and even in rare cases of necessary rough rides. Seatbelts please!

Enough money

Please and please this can’t be Overemphasized! For that comfortable road trip, have more than enough money on you. Things might come up on the way (you never can tell). You don’t ever want to be stranded especially when you are visiting somewhere for the first time. This could really be traumatizing, trust me. I experienced this on my first road trip to Ilorin but thank God for ATM’s at fast Foods.

Sufficient airtime

This is absolutely important. I’ve seen cases where people travel without credit on their phones and I’m like “una try oh” lol..  In cases of emergency, what’s your plan? Lack of airtime could pose as a problem when we have to be in constant communication with family members or friends while traveling. In cases where you can’t find airtime vendors on the road or when network isn’t available, what is your backdoor?
Service providers have even made it easier with the loaning airtime plan where you can borrow and pay when you can. Please, have even if its as little as 100 naira worth of airtime on your phone.

Eat carefully/ Hygenicaly

Food is an important aspect of life. In my next post, I’ll make a list of what to eat and what not to when traveling. There are several foods that could improve your mood when Roadtriping. There are also some that could really come-off terribly. Eat carefully and not so much. Hygienic foods are encouraged always and where you are doubtful of how the food is produced, you should probably avoid it. Too much water is also not advisable. I’m not saying You shouldn’t have water on you, but just drink as little as you can. Restrooms could be hard to find on the road and no one would want to stop at all the restrooms on the way when getting to your destination on-time is paramount.

 Most times, I always avoid buying food from roadside sellers when traveling, I’d rather pack my Snack or wait till I get to a nice restaurant or fast-food. During my last road trip, my best friend packed a plate of nicely prepared snails for me. Mehn, It was my best road trip snack ever! 

While eating, do not forget to dispose off food waste in the right manner. Let’s keep our environment clean at all times.

know your destination

How would you travel in this modern day without knowing where you are going to. I’m aware there are cases like that but we have applications on our mobile phones that could help out. Google Maps for one. Always be very sure of where you are going. If you must ask questions, be careful who you ask. Remember, safety first.

Crosscheck your luggage 

When you get to your destination (bus terminal perhaps), run a quick mental test to know if you have forgotten anything in the bus. Know how many bags you packed and avoid scattering the items in your hand luggage about as something important might possibly fall out without your knowledge. This crosscheck should be done While approaching your destination.

Cabs and buses

When you’ve arrived at the bus terminal in the city you are going, notice the colour of their cabs and buses. This security measure is important. If you must use public transportation, please coloured cabs/buses only!  It’s better if you get to the bus terminal and get a cab from there if you want to charter. In big cities, there are phone apps for ordering cabs (hit me up if you don’t). This is much more safer because the important details of the driver and the car itself are visibly displayed (plate number, phone number, car model, etc). Take note of them as this might come in handy. 

Trust your gut

This might seem irrelevant, but your instincts can detect when something isn’t just right. I’ve learnt to go with that hesistant gut feeling whenever it comes up. It might not necessarily come up at all times, but you’ll know when it does.

In my next article, I’ll share

life saving tips on how to save money when traveling. 

What do you think are other important roadtrip guides that I might have missed. I’ll love to learn from you too (as an ardent road tripper)