THINGS TO DO AT THE BEACH. Your beach funday guide. 

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If you dont have this mapped out yet, not to worry. This guide presents a list of countless Amazing fun things to do at the beach.

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There are lots of beaches around and there are many different things to do at the beach.

**Play with water/play in water**(Consider the safety conditions ie low/high tide)

Sun beaten! But it was major fun all day long!


Basically, this is one of the main things to do at the beach. Some people go to the Beach and dont get close to the water and Im like “did you even come for beach business?” lol… I personally love the whole thought of water chasing after me, the feel of the splash on my legs when it eventually catches up with me.. its just plain fun.

**Horse riding**

This is another fun thing to do at the beach. I had my first horse ride at the elegushi beach in Lagos. It was scary at first but I gradually got used to it eventually. Its really fun.


If you are in a group (family, friends, etc)  and not really sure of what to do at the beach, then why not just have a mini sit out. You could just arrange chairs around and have that awesome fun on that sunny day. You could also come with blankets or mats to lay on the ground while you gather round to gist, eat,celebrate,have fun, etc. Picnics look really fab on the beach.


There are several countless number of games to play at the beach. Football, beach volleyball, quad biking, table games, and many more depending on which beach you visit. I’m a major volleyball player so beach volleyball is always my favourite.


Some beaches have a special thing they are known for. The lekki leisure lake (post coming soon)  Now has an extra fun feature. The bungee jump and zipline! How cool?!  This just adds more fun to the Beach. Elegushi beach has several sit out bars and clubs and restaurants, countless! There are several other beaches with extra attraction tho they might come at a cost. Just know which one you want to visit.

**Take pictures**

I am guilty of this!  Its not a crime tho… 😂😂. During my leisure days, I just find my way to nice beach, sit down for sometime, look around, eat whatever I brought along with me and then start taking pictures (of myself oh… And maybe the environment too).  It is my little way of creating my own fun. You could try it too…

**Meet people**

Yes!  Meeting new people is always fun at least… And the beach is one major place you get to meet different people. Everyone basically came to have fun so, there’s really no harm in having that fun together! Just do away with the tension, mingle and jingle all day long!


Several events are usually organised at the beach. It could be music festivals, food events, etc. This depends on which beach you go to.

**Boat rides**

My favourite! Boat rides for the win! I love long boat rides. The feel of being surrounded by nature is beautiful. Tho this can be a bit scary at times. Beaches like Tarkwa bay can only be accessed by boats 🚣 and this rides take relatively 15mins. Other beaches offer brief boat ride services at a price.


Lol… Weird ass picture to the rescue! 

This is another fun thing to do at the beach. If you really aren’t in the mood of going about or playing in the water, you could just get a cool spot (shade perhaps) to sit and enjoy the view. It’s relaxing, Just watching others play around and get involved with beach activities. There’s always music in the background. You could also listen to music of your choice from your device, Just don’t sit where the general music is being played.

I’d love to know other fun things you do at the beach. Comment section time… Leggo💃🕺