5 Things you must know before going to the Beach. 

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Let’s go to the Beach!!! Yes!!! That’s how I feel whenever I hear “beach”. It’s my favourite natural environment to be. Everything about the place (including thoughts) is just refreshing. I mean, the feel of that sand under your feet, the splash of salty water all over, the fun of running to the banks whenever the waves come crashing, the fresh air, the nice awesome pictures you take, moments shared with friends and family, everything is just perfect.

There are several beaches and whichever one you decide to visit (public or private) is up to you. But there are several things you should know before going.

**visiting days**

Basically, the beach can be accessed almost anytime you want to (especially public beach) but for maximum fun and relaxation, weekends are perfect for visiting. On weekends, everyone’s schedule is free, seeking relaxation from the week’s work. So any day during the weekend is okay. Sunday always has the most crowd tho.

**What to wear**

Going to the Beach is fun and as such, we need to take all our fun side out with us! Beach wears should be free, easy, effortless but still make you look beautiful. A nice bright colored tee or sleeveless tops with a pair of shorts and sneakers or sandals would look fabulous. You could opt for a nice free dress (short or long) and a pair of sandals or fancy slippers. I always recommend bright colored clothes for any visit to the beach. I think it goes with the mood. Remember, you want to be free and have fun.

**Things to do on the beach**

There are lots of fun things to do on the beach. A whole lot! Depending on which beach you visit. Click Here for the list of numerous things you can do while at the beach.

**What to pack**

You have to know what you are going to do there apart from playing with water. There are lots of stuff to do on the beach and this would require different packaging.  I’ve made a list of things you need to pack when going to the Beach. click here  to read.

**Time and duration of your stay**

Perfect time to go to the Beach is from 12pm. By then the sun is out, you must have finished your chores, taken care of whatever you need to for the day, gotten all you need for your beach visit, and you are all set! You can stay for as long as you want because there’s basically no closing time but people begin to leave from about 6pm. Some night crawlers love to visit in the evenings, so 5pm/ 6pm is their arrival time. I wonder when they leave tho… Lol.. I’ll try to stay out late someday and see how it’s like. Maybe it could be fun.

Basically, there are a whole lot of beaches around us. Look for anyone near you and check it out if you haven’t, you’ll love it. This tips would guide you. Trust me

If you have, please share (in the comment box) other things to note when visiting the beach.