List of Innovative ways to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic

The world unties to fight the common enemy, the Coronavirus. You and I are not left out in this fight. As individuals, it is our duty to take up various roles in this fight. The health workers – God help them – are fighting at the forefront, we can show our support and play a role. Together, we will win this war against the coronavirus. This article is all about a list of innovative ways to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic.

List of innovative ways to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic

A creative story book to help kids understand and deal with this pandemic. This creative book will aid in broadening their knowledge of the health implications of contracting the virus, for them and for the people around them.

Sending relief materials to healthcare workers. As the need for protective gear arises, health workers are faced with a higher risk of contracting this virus. However, healthcare workers in less hit cities can send support in form of non-utilized protective gears, equipment, etc.

Delivering essential supplies to the elderly: Delivery companies and anyone else can help out by delivering supplies to the elderly on their route/environment. This would keep them safe as the virus is known to be more critical in elderly people.

Grocery shopping for the elderly and vulnerable: As the pandemic continues, the need for food and home necessities arises. You can join the fight by shopping for the elderly and vulnerable people.

Provide hospitality for healthcare workers: Hospitality brands can show support by providing relaxation services and accommodations for healthcare workers. This will help these frontline fighters relax and recoup after a long day of battling the virus and saving lives. E.g. A Facebook travel group is matching RVs with healthcare workers who need a place to isolate after hospital shifts.

Provide shelter and comfort: Since the economy is down, many people are being rendered homeless as they cannot afford their rents. You can assist by providing shelter for these kind of people. It might be at a spare accommodation lying dormant. You can assist by paying rent for someone for a month or two. As a house owner, you can suspend rent collection during this period.
Create social media fun stuff to keep your audience entertained.

Treat any healthcare personnel to lunch or deliver meals to healthcare workers as a show of your support.

Form a group and donate funds to help feed people in need during this pandemic. You can feed people in your community or street. People are helping by starting a GoFundMe for essential supplies for the have-nots in the society. We are as vulnerable as the most vulnerable amongst us.

Check on your friends, family and loved ones. Statistics show that mental health complaints and concerns have increased by 55% since the rise of this pandemic.

Photographers can spread joy via portraits of families. These pictures are forwarded virtually to these families or printed and framed for future reference.

Looking for partnership during this Quarantine? This might be the time to get a dog from a dog rescue shelter.

Make homemade hand sanitizers and face masks and distribute to people around you while educating them on the need to protect themselves. Extra ingredients needed for making these emergency sanitizers can be gotten off the counter in shops.

Create/design an online platform to educate, sensitize and enlighten people about the coronavirus.

Start a team of grocery shoppers to deliver supplies to people self isolating at home.

Offer childcare support and crèche for healthcare workers during their shifts. To ease off the stress of worrying about their kids while at work.

Innovate around your business to make an impact during this time. Your solutions should be easy to apply and essential to the society. It Can be centered around food, essential supplies, delivery, social services, etc.

Discount or boost for healthcare workers from retailers and restaurant owners.

List of Innovative ways to help out during the COVID-19 pandemic

Contribute to community relief efforts.

These are few ways to help out. They are location independent and may require some form of cost. Nonetheless, these are the sacrifices we make today to stay alive and survive. Together, we will beat this virus.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stop the spread. Save lives.

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