What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

It is no news that the world is dealing with a pandemic, the Corona Virus. Social distancing and self-isolation are the new norms for everyone across the globe, as this is the most responsible step. Chances are you might already be self-isolating or staying at home to help flatten the curve and curb the spread. As travel lovers, adjusting to this might prove to be a little difficult but, here’s what to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Take the boredom out with these tips:

Travel virtually:

The travel world is taking a big hit as airlines have stopped flying a lot of international routes, countries have closed their borders and airspace and everything has come to a grinding halt. However, travel bloggers, Journalists, and travel content creators have steadily put out content from trips, events, exhibitions and travel destinations all around the world. These contents are steadily available on the internet for your perusal. They are your travel solutions to “what to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic”

Good content can be found on National geographic, travel noire, nomadic matt, travel and leisure, Allmyview, etc.

What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Make a photo album:

This may be a good time to put together a photo album of nice and memorable moments. Moments with family, a previous trip, cookouts, dinner, special people, etc. Just group and relive those memories.

You can organize them easier with google photos or the Apple photo gallery.

Start an online class:

Do you have a skill? Can you coach people or impact people with knowledge? Do you usually hold physical meetings and learning gatherings? It is time to take these meetings and classes online. The self-isolation doesn’t need to deter you from normal activities as technology has made it possible to carry on as always. Starting an online class is definitely a good example of what to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

You can start teaching on Udemy, Alison, etc.

You can utilize your social media video options to teach your audience and followers anything. E.g. IG live, IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Learn a new skill:

The world hasn’t totally stopped.  Companies have devised new means to let employees work from home. Everything, down to job applications, has been optimized for remote access until things get back to normal. Therefore, learning a new skill or earning a new diploma is one of the best things you can do during this coronavirus pandemic period. 

You can get courses, both paid and free, on the following platforms;

Udemy, Alison, Edx, Coursera, Codecademy, etc

What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Learn a new language:

Learning a new language can be regarded as a form of virtual tourism experience. With platforms like Duo lingo, babbel, etc, this has been made pretty easy. There are offline versions and mobile apps available for use at any time.

Wellness and exercise:

This pandemic has reminded us the need for wellness and exercise to boost our immune system. Daily exercising and wellness practices should be adhered to. Mobile apps to help with these are available. For exercising, Nike training app, myfitnesspal, skimble, etc.

For wellness, apps like clue, the flo app, meditopia, sleep cycle, etc.

What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Read (or listen):

Read books, blogs, magazines and anything you can. Read intentionally. Some reading apps to find resources are Scribd, Apple books, Bamboo books, etc.

Listen to podcasts and Audiobooks, if you aren’t big on reading. Some apps to help include Podcast addict, apple podcasts, pod player, etc.

Some platforms, like Scribd, are giving out free subscription service for this period of self-isolation. Do not miss out on this.

Play games online:

Feel the need to have fun, online games are one of the numerous ways. It is also a great way to interact with friends currently self-isolating and an even better way to interact with new people online.

Platform to play free online games includes; slither, armor games, shockwave games, mind games, bullet force, shell shockers, wormate, zombsroyale, etc.

Build relationships:

This is the best time to build those relationships with family and friends. Dustup conversations, share memories, create new memories (while maintaining a safe distance), talk about happenings and resolve existing misunderstandings.

Rest and Re-Strategize:

This is the best time to take huge rests and re-strategize on your ideas and plans. It might be a business idea, a new house plan, a creation, a life plan, etc

What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Create stuff:

This is the best time to fully utilize this opportunity to create things. It could be fun and interactive social media content; it could be home DIY accessories, etc,

Try out new recipes:

No better time to experiment on your culinary skills by trying out new recipes than now. With a possible shortage in foodstuffs and grocery stores running out of stock during the coronavirus pandemic, it might just be the best time to get experimental with food and cooking techniques, with available resources. Who knows what you can cook up?!

What to do in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic

Organize your space:

Most importantly, this is the best time to organize your space. De-clutter your home, room, workspace, virtual space etc.

Practice social distancing at all times. Be rest assured that we will get through this! Stay safe. We will come out stronger than ever.

The current world statistics at the time of this article, according to WHO, is

Total Infected (confirmed cases): 416,686

Total deaths: 18,589

Total recovered: 100,000+

Countries affected: 197

You can get safety travel advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO) here