This platform wouldn’t go far with the team. Pushing, creating and thinking out ways to keep the community running and engaged. We are constantly looking for people with select skills to help us fulfill this our goals and objectives as a community redefining travel. These travel jobs are open to everyone anywhere in the world.

The following opportunities are almost always open in different cities across the country and beyond.

Travel Job: Tour guide:

As a tour guide, your duty is to take tourists and travel lovers around a particular place for an agreed timeframe.

Often times, your job description includes making sure these tourists understand what’s going on around them. That’s why a full knowledge of a particular place or tourist attraction is the number one requirement of our tour guides.

Requirements includes:

  • Full knowledge of the city.
  • Familiarity with all tourist sites.
  • Know how to coordinate and organize a trip.
  • Must possess perfect communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Personal organization is a plus.
  • Fluent in the language of a particular location is an added advantage.
  • As usual, a honesty is required as you might be incharge of handling cash transactions for the community while on duty
  • Time management skill is priceless.
  • Look and Be smart.

Travel Job: Travel photographers:

Since the beginning of our travel documentary series, we are constantly looking for easier ways to cover cities without so much hassle and stress, while connecting and engaging with the locals. Including patronising local businesses.

Travel photographers in different cities would come in handy for our team. Here are the requirements:

  • Must be good at what you do
  • Time management skill and interpersonal skills is a must.
  • Good communication skill.
  • Must be good at capturing moments and memories.
  • Be professional at what you do.
  • Patience.
  • Be familiar with the environment and location.
  • Good audio and visual content creator. Just be creative.
  • Must send in finished work in time.

Travel Job: Travel writers:

These jobs do not need you to travel except when stated, in an agreement.

The travel writing is open to everyone anywhere in the world who wants to share their views, perspective and travel journey with our readers and community members. This is strictly a volunteer job opportunity.However, our travel writers would be compensated in one way or the other as specified in each work contract.

For more questions, clarification, enquiries and concerns, send a mail to